Welcome to the clean space of Baikal Nature Reserve -

- to Maloe Sea on Baikal Lake - Irkutsk Region, Olkhon District, in between the villages Sarma (7 km to the Yurt Camp) and Kurma (4 km to the Yurt Camp).

Our Eco Hotel is located in 260 km from Irkutsk, the trip by car or minivan takes 3-4 hours. In summer minivans part from the stadium Trud in Irkutsk every day at 9:00. Places in a minivan  shall be reserved in advance.

For information and assistance please reach us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +7-902-457-08-60, +7 (3952) 33-22-31.

Our address in Irkutsk: 26-a Marata Street, Irkutsk 664025. Our office is licated in the centre of the city, near Kirov Square.

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